Today I attended a three-hour yoga retreat at a local studio aimed at setting intentions for 2017. We breathed a lot, bent our body in all kinds of positions and stopped to write when prompted by facilitators’ encouraging words. I recognize that I’m privileged to have time available and resources necessary to support such an endeavor; hence I embraced the opportunity with my whole body, heart and soul.

So, what resulted from three hours of thoughtful practice?

LOVE!  Yeah, I can hardly believe it myself 🙂

In retrospect, our family’s participation in the Interfaith Prayer Service at the Sikh Tempe last night had a great deal of influence on my practice today. If you have never attended this evening of connection, I highly recommend it. Last night, one after another those representing a broad-spectrum of faiths proclaimed a simple message, “LOVE.”

But it’s not really that simple, is it?

Noemi, a Holocaust survivor who also spoke last night, certainly inspired me to think so. She’s a 94-year-old woman whose entire life was turned upside down by hatred; yet she renounces hatred and embraces love. She warned against the hate rhetoric she is hearing in our country today, saying she recognizes the speech all too well. So, I’m taking this great woman’s advice and hope you might consider joining me.

Let it be known: I’m committed to representing the people of Bellingham City with the intention to approach all issues, policies and concerns from a place of love in 2017.